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We may share or publish statistics or information about your application, project or grant for analytical purposes to help us and other funders understand the funding landscape better, to identify gaps and increase the effectiveness of grant making e.g. via 360Giving and through other methods. We will not share or publish any personal data in these circumstances though.


This Privacy Notice is a summary of how we use personal information during and after this grant application process. We will use the personal information to process the grant application, improve the process and deal with any queries in relation to it. Additional information can be found in the Grantee section of the BBC Children in Need Privacy Policy.

As you may be sharing personal information with us about staff, volunteers, trustees and referees as well as about yourself, when you complete this application, you must bring this privacy notice to the attention of anybody whose personal information you choose to share with us. You must do this before you share their personal information with us and you must also let us know if your or their information changes after you have provided it to us.

The legal basis on which BBC Children in Need processes personal information in respect of this grant application form and, if your organisation is successful in respect of a grant, is that it is in our legitimate interests, as a grant making organisation, to do so and we don’t believe this unreasonably impacts on the rights and freedoms of individuals concerned.

We may share personal information with people who help us assess, improve and manage our grants and application process. We may share information with other funders where they are funding, or jointly funding, the grant for which you are applying (if this is the case it will be made clear on the information you receive about the grant).

We may share information you provide with other funders, organisations, the police, other law enforcement agencies, Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs, regulators, including the Charity Commission and the Information Commissioner’s Office and/or fraud prevention agencies where we believe this is necessary for safeguarding purposes, to detect, investigate or prevent dishonesty, grant misuse, fraud, terrorism, money laundering or other crimes, where you have provided false information or where we have a legitimate interest to share the information or the other party has a legitimate interest to receive it. This could include details of individuals involved in your project such as staff, trustees or your organisation’s referee.

We will retain personal information in accordance with our retention policy an extract of which is available on request. Generally speaking we retain grant related information until the end of the grant plus 7 years and for unsuccessful applicants, generally speaking, we retain information for 1 year after receipt.

What else might we do with personal information if your grant application is successful?

We may contact you by email, telephone or other means:
  • to tell you about other opportunities we learn about that we think may be of use, such as funding, learning, networking, training opportunities or other useful information or events;
  • in relation to safeguarding information that we have been asked to circulate (e.g. by local police);
  • in relation to finding suitable stories/contributors for our appeal show or to other fundraising/promotional material;
  • about project visits we’d like to do or facilitate.
We may share information with the BBC (including BBC Studios Limited, BBC Studios (Productions) Limited and other group companies- all referred to just as the BBC from now on) who may contact you by email, telephone or other means to ask about any story and whether you would like it to be featured in the media. We may also share your information with the BBC if the BBC is producing a programme, holding an event, activity or carrying out services for or in relation to BBC Children in Need.

We will retain personal information in accordance with our retention policy an extract of which is available on request. Generally speaking we retain grant related information until the end of the grant plus 7 years.Your rights and more information, please see https://www.bbcchildreninneed.co.uk/fundraisinghub/privacyfull for details of the rights you have.

If you have any worries or complaints about the way we use your information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll do our very best to set your mind at rest or put things right. And if, for whatever reason, you feel we’re not meeting the exceptionally high standards we expect of ourselves, you’re within your rights to tell the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

You’re welcome to get in touch with us to discuss your information at any time. Our contact details are here.
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